Art School Supplies Bundle


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  • Harness Your Student’s Artistry - Give your imaginative student an opportunity to spread their wings creatively with this fun bundle
  • Go with the Flow Using Tempera Paints -  Experience a complete set of 32 washable paints featuring metallic, neon, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark shades
  • Sketch It Out With Coloured Pencils - Blend, layer and shade with 48 triangular colored pencils with soft, break-resistant cores
  • Display Their Art Instantly with DIY Frames - Simply follow the folding guidelines and perforated tabs to turn their artwork into a frame or a paper canvas

Give your student a chance to express themselves with this Art School Supplies Bundle. Let things get a little messy with the tempera paints. You can use a variety of unique tools like paintbrushes, forks, stamps, and more to create something interesting. This set of 32 colors is easily washable and comes with metallic, neon, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark shades. Your student will have tons of fun picking color combinations and maybe even learning a thing or two about color theory.

If you want to give them a quick project, simply hand your student the set of 48 vibrant coloured pencils. Watch as they draw everything that comes to their minds and imagination. The DIY Frame pad is the perfect surface for their creations because it can handle both paint and coloured pencils with ease. Also, once they’re finished creating, you can simply fold their art into a little frame or displayable canvas to hang on the wall. Students are filled with so much untapped potential, you may be surprised by the beautiful pieces they will create.