Expert Coloured Pencils, Single Colour - Pack of 3 (More Colours Available) 

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  • Blend Effortlessly - Our expert-grade coloured pencils make blending as straightforward as possible, create drawings with astounding depth & detail 
  • Highly-Pigmented Pencils - Each pencil is packed with 4mm highly-pigmented lead that won’t break under pressure
  • Professional Quality - We’ve labelled each coloured pencil with its colour name, number, and lightfastness rating, take these pencils with you wherever you go
  • Safe for All Ages - Since our coloured pencils are acid-free & AP-Certified non-toxic they are suitable for artists of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels 


Express yourself with whatever colour suits you best with our Expert Coloured Pencils. Each three-pack of our professional-grade coloured pencils features three coloured pencils of whichever colour you choose from our large selection; we offer just about every colour imaginable! This set of three allows you to stock up on whichever colours you use most frequently. Each of our highly-pigmented coloured pencils features a 4mm break-resistant lead that can handle even your most passionate marks. Our pigment-packed coloured pencils blend beautifully. You can easily layer colour on top of colour to create astounding drawings with great depth and colour saturation. 


Each of our favourable coloured pencils features AP-Certified non-toxic and acid-free lead that is safe for creatives of all ages, and are suitable for artists of all backgrounds and skill levels. Our three-pack of pencils is perfect for artists who are constantly on the go. Carry three of your most preferred coloured pencils with you to create colourful drawings, illustrations, and doodles where and whenever you feel most inspired. Select the colours your collection needs most and start creating!