Expert Portrait Colouring Set


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  • Fold Your Own Frame - Our DIY Frame Mixed Media Colouring Sheets feature indents & easy to follow instructions to transform your sheets into framed pieces, quickly 
  • Ready to Go - Each Expert Coloured Pencil arrives sharpened in its convenient tin storage box 
  • Wide Selection of Colours - Set of 48 expert Coloured Pencils features a wide range of colours, ensuring you have a pencil for a wide array of artistic visions
  • Safe for All - Expert Colouring Set is AP-certified non-toxic inviting artists of all ages to join in on the fun 

Set Includes:

  • 48 Expert Coloured Pencils
  • Set of 30 premium sheets of DIY Foldable Canvas Frame Colouring Book Pages  

Colour your way to complete peace of mind with this Expert Portrait Colouring Set. This must-have, budget-friendly Colouring Set comes complete with a set of 48 Expert Coloured Pencils, as well as a set of 30 premium DIY Frame Mixed Media Colouring Sheets. The coloured Pencils included in this set are each pre-sharpened and ready to use the moment you receive them. Our coloured Pencils come in a wide variety of colours providing artists with true diversity in their medium. Our expert-grade coloured Pencils feature 4 mm lead with break-resistant cores to ensure your pencils can handle your enthusiasm. The tin box our Coloured Pencils arrive is great for storage and travelling with your favourite set of pencils. Our coloured Pencils and colouring Sheets are AP-certified non-toxic, making them kid-friendly and suitable for all artists. 


The DIY Frame Mixed Media Colouring Sheets included in this enables you to display your artwork instantly without any extra supplies. You can easily fold your 25.5 x 29 cm Mixed Media Colouring Book Pages into 15.2 x 15.2 cm pieces in minutes. For your convenience, we’ve included instructions on how to properly fold your Colouring Sheets into framed pieces. This unique product is rare on the market and makes a great addition to: any home, waiting room, studio, or classroom. The portrait designs featured on our set of 30 Mixed Media Colouring Sheets feature a diverse selection, with people of all genders with many decorative backgrounds to inspire you to craft truly original artwork. This Colouring Set makes a great gift for yourself and others. 


Colour your way to relaxation with this must-have Expert Portrait Colouring Set. It enables you to create framed portrait pieces in no time. Plus, it is ideal for anyone looking to de-stress, since colouring is known to be a relaxing art form. Recline and colour away any stressors with this therapeutic art form. Our highly-pigmented colouring pencils layer and blend beautifully on the colouring sheets included in this set. Whether you are looking to learn how to use coloured pencils or have been working with this medium for decades, you are sure to be impressed by the impeccable quality of this Expert Portrait Colouring Book Set. Secure this set today to provide peace of mind all throughout the year.