Expert Watercolour Bundle

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  • Bundle Includes - 72 Expert Watercolour Pencils & 24 Premium Real Brush Pens
  • Vibrant Colours - The Watercolour Pencils offer a rich colour that resists fading, while providing maximum coverage
  • Water-Based Ink - Create stunning watercolour effects with the Real Brush Pens when diluted with water
  • Watercolour Effects without the Hassle - You can create brilliant watercolour masterpieces without the usual mess that accompanies normal watercolour painting

Create using the full spectrum of colour this Expert Watercolour Bundle delivers. Our Expert Watercolour Bundle comes complete with a set of 24 Real Brush Pens and a set of 72 Watercolour Pencils. The set of 72 Watercolour Pencils enables you to shade your drawings, before adding water to transform them into dynamic watercolour paintings. Regardless of your painting background, our expert-grade Watercolour Pencils make creating stunning paintings as straightforward as possible. Our Watercolour Pencils set features a wide range of colours fit to compliment any artist’s creative visions and style. You can use the expert Watercolour Pencils with the Real Brush Pens included to create mesmerising mixed media art pieces.


Express yourself with our premium Real Brush Pens. The set of 24 Real Brush Pens, featured in our Expert Watercolour Bundle, makes creating vibrant works of art in minutes a reality. Our Real Brush Pens are pigment-packed to ensure they become a long-lasting addition to your collection. This set comes complete with a Water Brush Pen to make creating immersive paintings that much easier. Our Real Brush Pens’ vibrancy is unmatched, however should you choose to create watercolour effects, simply dilute your marks with the Water Brush Pen included. Thanks to the Water Brush Pen, you really can create gorgeous watercolour paintings wherever you go. This Expert Watercolour Bundle is sure to change the way you approach watercolour paintings, for the better.


Become the artist you’ve always known you could be by investing in this brilliant Expert Watercolour Bundle. Our Watercolour Bundle will encourage you to rethink your approach to watercolour paintings. This bundle makes an excellent gift for any artists in your life, even those that have strayed away from creating. Our Expert Watercolour Bundle allows you to easily produce gallery-worthy paintings without any of the hassle or mess. This set makes a wonderful addition to the collection of anyone finding themselves bored during this extra time at home. Our Expert Watercolour Bundle will encourage you to create more than ever before; see for yourself by ordering your set today!