Expert Watercolour Pencils - Pack of 3 (More Colours Available)

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  • Water-Soluble Coloured Pencils - Create colourful designs then add water for watercolour effects to come to life 
  • Expert-Grade Pencils - Best quality we produce, enabling you to create like a professional  
  • Break-Resistant Pencils - Features a break-resistant core so you can create enthusiastically without your pencil breaking 
  • Create Anywhere - Create wherever you travel with convenient packaging
  • Non-Toxic & Kid-Friendly - Our Watercolour Pencil are AP-certified non-toxic, inviting artists of all ages and skill levels


Produce your best watercolour paintings yet with our open stock three-packs of Expert Watercolour Pencils. Our Watercolour Pencils Set will encourage you to create paintings more often, since you won’t have to deal with the clean up and hassle of traditional paints. Our Watercolour Pencils are the perfect alternative to traditional watercolour half pans, with pencils you can truly have complete control over your medium. Simply sketch, illustrate, draw or design then add water with a water brush pen or paint brush. Stunning watercolour effects will produce before your eyes when you add a splash of water to your colourful designs. This set of three Expert Watercolour Pencils are designed with artists of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets in mind. 


Our Watercolour Pencils are AP-certified non-toxic, making them safe for all artists. Whether you are very familiar with working with watercolour pencils or are looking to learn how to paint with this medium you will find the helpful tips included on the packaging useful. Our three-pack of Watercolour Pencils allows those who have yet to work with this unique medium to try it out before committing to a larger set. This three-pack of open stock Watercolour Pencils also allows artists to restock their most used colours or add new colours to their collection. We offer 120 beautiful shades to choose from, to compliment every painter’s artistic vision. Create like never before with this marvellous three-pack of Expert Watercolour Pencils. 


Make this year the year that you fully invest in your artwork. Elevate your craft by adding rare colours of Watercolour Pencils to your collection with this three-pack of open stock Expert Watercolour Pencils. Whether you’re looking to add more of your most used colours or experiment with this medium for the first time, you will find yourself in awe at the marvellous watercolour effects you are able to easily achieve. Now is the perfect time to explore a new medium! Spend your extra time at home crafting one of a kind watercolour paintings with this brilliant set of three Expert Watercolour Pencils.