Fuse Beads 30,000 - 45 Colour Set

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  • Wide Selection of Fun Colours - Craft and create with 45 unique colours to make unique artwork
  • Stackable Storage Container - Organise your beads and accessories neatly with the 3-level, portable storage case
  • Crafting Tools Included - Your set comes with 5 pegboards, 5 reusable ironing sheets, and 2 tweezers
  • Make a Variety of Crafts - Make colourful accessories, ornaments & fuse bead art for UK sports, holidays & special occasions

Create one-of-a-kind artwork with this blast from the past: a 30,000 piece fuse beads set! Our premium Fuse Beads Set comes with 30,000 pieces in 45 striking colours. Craft and create with 45 vibrant colours to make truly original artwork and decorative pieces. Our fuse beads set of 30,000 also comes with a stackable storage container, 5 pegboards, 5 reusable ironing sheets and 2 craft tweezers. We’ve included all the crafting tools you need to create, all that's needed is an iron and your imagination.  


The stackable storage container included in this set of 30,000 fuse beads will make organising your fuse beads a breeze. Organise your fuse beads and accessories neatly with the 3-level, portable, sturdy storage case included in this premium set. All of the products included in this fuse beads set are non-toxic, making this set kid-friendly. We’ve even included ironing instructions on the storage container’s packaging, for your convenience. Order your next favourite rainy day activity for the whole family to enjoy, by adding this Fuse Beads Set to your cart today.

Dimensions:26.9 * 20.1 * 18.8 cm

Weight:91.2 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-8888