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    Yes! Our products can be incorporated into your everyday diet in whichever way works for you. Choose a plan that suits you and your lifestyle, from our exante 800exante 1200exante 5:2 or exante Maintenance diet plans.

    Consumption varies on each product category and what diet plan you are following. To make it simple we’ve created a handy How It Works eBook that you’ll receive every time you place an order with us. You should receive your email within 24 hours of placing your order. It’s packed with information about our products, our diet plans and answers to our most frequently asked questions. Not received it? Simply contact one of our friendly customer service advisors who will be able to help. 

    A meal replacement is a shake, bar, soup or dessert designed to be a complete nutritional substitute for traditional food. Developed by our in-house nutritionists; each exante meal replacement specially formulated to be high in protein, low-carb and enriched with over 27 vitamins and minerals. 1/3 of your NRV and perfectly balanced to give you everything your body needs.

    Total meal replacement diets or VLCD diets have been used in the UK for over 30 years. The limited amount of calories means that your body turns to its fat stores for energy, enabling you to lose weight quickly, naturally and safely. There has been a great deal of medical research into their effectiveness in reducing the risk of major weight-related diseases such as Type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

    Meal replacements are a delicious and convenient way to help you control your calorie intake and are expertly nutritionally balanced to ensure you consume all the essential nutrients you need such as Fibre, Iron, Calcium and B vitamins.

    With any diet it’s best to determine what your weight loss goals are so you can select the right diet plan to follow. Struggling to decide? Simply get in touch with our customer service team who will be able to point you in the right direction! When you’re ready to start make sure you take your measurements or a before picture so you can track your progress. Make it simple by planning your first week so you know what you’re going to eat each day. Finally join our private Facebook group to meet thousands of like-minded people who are also embarking on their exante journey! 

    exante 800 is a complete Meal Replacement or VLCD diet. Simply substitute your traditional meals for 3 exante meal replacement products a day and add an additional 200 calories, reducing your calorie intake to around 800 calories. This can be a healthy 200 calories snack from our approved list or an additional exante meal replacement product. 

    This plan is ideal for someone with a BMI 25+ and with BMI 30+, who are looking to make a big lifestyle change to improve their health by losing weight with Exante.

    If your BMI is below this then why not check out our exante 1200 diet plan, exante 5:2 diet or exante maintenance plan? Please note that our VLCD plan is only suitable for those between the ages of 18-65 and is recommended for a maximum of 12 weeks. As with any change in diet, you should consult your GP before starting exante 800.

    We always recommend transitioning to our exante Maintenance Plan to maintain your weight loss after you have reached your goal. 

    The 5:2 Diet is an intermittent fasting plan. Traditionally, the plan involves 5 normal days of eating and 2 non-consecutive 'fasting' days, where you restrict your calorie intake. For more information, check out our 5:2 Diet Page.

    Customers following our exante 800 plan reported losing an average of 2-5 stone* It is important to remember, everybody is different and your weight loss will be individual to you and your metabolic rate.

    Exercise is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle. If following the exante 800 diet plan, we recommend 20 minutes of light to moderate exercise each day. If incorporating exante products into your everyday life or following our exante 1200 diet plan, 1 hour 3-5 times a week is a great place to start! Check out our exercise section in our Health Hub for guidance or download one of our eBooks to get your started. 

    It's important that you try to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to make sure you stay hydrated and it will help make you feel fuller for longer.

    All of our exante Meal Replacement Shakes have no gluten containing ingredients. However, they are manufactured in a facility that produces products containing milk, soy, eggs, nuts and wheat.

    The simplest answer is to mix your shakes with 200ml of cold water. You can of course choose to mix them with milk for a creamier taste, however be mindful if you are on exante 800 as this impacts your calories and therefore we would suggest sticking with water. The shakes also blend well with ice if you are more of a 'Frappe' lover! 

    No I’m afraid not. You’re going to need more calories so your baby develops properly and it’s advisable to avoid Vitamin A supplements in pregnancy (all our products contain Vitamin A). Weight loss in pregnancy should only be attempted under medical supervision, so speak to your midwife or GP about the best way forward. If you are currently following a meal replacement diet and find out you’re pregnant then you need to stop and return to conventional food. Your GP/Midwife can support you with advice on a healthy diet during pregnancy.

    Alcohol is not recommended on our exante 800 and exante 1200 plans. Alcohol has a lot of empty calories, which can slow down your weight loss process. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way and social occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas make this difficult, but we advise to try avoid alcohol as much as possible.

    once a week, preferably in the morning, before consuming food or meal replacements, and after going to the toilet.

    Bloating and flatulence are common side effects with a drastic change to diet. All exante products contain a lot of fibre and this may be much more than what your body is used to. In time, your body will adjust to the high fibre intake. Since a lot of our products contain lactose, people who are lactose sensitive may benefit from option for our exante vegan range. If your bloating and flatulence continue, please consult your healthcare professional.
    If you’re doing the exante 800 or exante 1200, even though 3 exante products a day provides you with 30g, to reach your NRV, you’re probably consuming much less food than usual. To keep it short, but sweet – if there’s less going in, there'll be less coming out. If you experience any changes to toilet habits that cannot be explained, please consult your healthcare profession for further advice.

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    It's so simple! exante has the UK’s largest range of low-calorie, high-protein meal replacement and weight management products. Whether you want to lose weight or tone up, we've got a range of flexible, easy-to-follow diet plans to suit you.

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    Update to privacy policy

    Given the fast pace at which THG has grown and advanced over the years and the successes we’ve had to date, we identified that the current Group legal entity structure does not in some cases align with the business divisions and brands we offer today.

    We have therefore taken the opportunity to re-organise the Group’s legal structure so that our companies do align with our business divisions and brands and support THG’s long term growth strategy. In order to re-organise, we had to make sure that data (which included data relating to you as one of our customers) was legally transferred to the new entities. Although this does not impact you in any material way, we wanted to let you know about this change.
    It has not been transferred outside the THG group. Your data was transferred within the THG group to a newly created legal entity as part of an internal re-organisation.

    Before the re-org:

    In most cases the controller in respect of your data will have been The Limited. In some instances, the controller may have been a specific entity within THG.

    After the re-org:

    The new controller are the newly incorporated legal entity:

    · THG Nutrition Limited

    This is due to an internal re-organisation and does not affect you in any material way. We are just being transparent about it. Some business units have now been incorporated into new legal entities within the THG group and the corresponding databases have been transferred to them.

    This means that legal responsibility for handling your data or for responding to your data protection requests now rests with the new entity named in the email. However, these new entities remain within the THG group and all provide the same consistent level of protection.

    The email you received was not a marketing email. It was an important announcement about a change of legal owner in relation to databases in which you are included. When you opt out of receiving marketing emails, we need to keep you on the database so that we know not to send you marketing communications. You do, of course, also have the right to have your data deleted from the database entirely in which case please use the link you see at the bottom of the email.

    We only keep data for as long as necessary. Beyond the more obvious purposes e.g. fulfilling an order, we have to keep certain data for a number of years for purposes such as tax and accounting.

    You will continue to be able to exercise your data protection rights, submit complaints or queries about how your data is processed or get in touch with our Data Protection Officer by contacting us via the message centre in your customer account or by using one of our various contact options, which can be found by vising our help centre.


    According to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), the chances of contracting COVID-19 from an inanimate object are very low. However, exante is constantly monitoring the situation (and any official advice issued in connection with the same) and the Group is taking sensible measures to protect customers and staff. We suggest you review the WHO website for latest advice in this regard.

    Generally speaking, as a BRC AA Grade Accredited manufacturer, we take food safety extremely seriously and we have implemented the highest quality food safety management systems. Specifically, in respect of the threat of COVID-19, additional measures implemented by exante currently include the following:

    We are maintaining and auditing food hygiene standards throughout our manufacturing process across all brands.

    We have further enhanced our cleaning routines in all areas of manufacturing, fulfilment and in all office spaces.

    All exante employees have received additional education and training on hand hygiene and we have deployed additional hand sanitisers throughout all workplaces.

    We are adhering to UK Government guidelines and supporting employees who need to self-isolate for 7 days, should they have any concerns or show flu-like symptoms, have a high temperature or a persistent cough

    In addition, we are taking extra precautions on reducing any touch and transmission points throughout all THG premises and workplaces.

    In response to COVID-19, all our carriers are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of their drivers and our customers.

    Please be assured that all our carriers are following the advice and guidelines from the government and that the safety of everyone is our priority.

    There is currently no impact to our delivery services at this stage, however we encourage all customers to use your home address for delivery.

    Moving forward all carriers will operate a contact free delivery service which means that you won’t be required to sign for any parcel that’s delivered.

    You can see all carrier guidelines and measures upon visiting the nominated carrier website, emails will be provided upon dispatch to confirm delivery information.

    We hope that you understand and appreciate the measures that have been implemented are to protect you and ensure we can continue operate as normal.

    The safety and wellbeing of both colleagues and customers is our absolute priority. exante has consistently taken early and swift actions to ensure this. This includes imposing a ban on both travel and external meetings across the entire 7,000 workforce since mid-Jan this year. exante has also been at the forefront of implementing work for home policies, with 90% of our office based colleagues working from home ahead of recent Government requests for people to work from home where at all possible.

    We also have strict safeguarding measures in place across each of manufacturing and distribution sites across the globe, which go far beyond any Government guidelines. This is to ensure our teams can work safely while maintain social distancing at all times. Other measures include providing our manufacturing and distribution colleagues with ready-to-cook ingredient meal packs at the end of each shift, sufficient to feed a family of four. These are provided free of charge and aimed at reducing the needs of our staff to visit supermarkets, increasing their own safety while reducing the strain on supermarkets to help the more vulnerable in our local regions.

    We are introducing world-leading measures to monitor and safeguard the health of all colleagues working in our fulfilment centres. In addition to temperature checks and social distancing measures across all sites, we will be installing thermal imagery technology throughout our Warrington premises, with plans to deploy globally. This innovative equipment will allow us to offer early detection of elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever,via non-invasive and non-intrusive technology. We don’t believe any other company has taken this measure.

    As a BRC AA Grade Accredited manufacturer, we take food safety extremely seriously and have implemented the highest quality food safety management systems. We are absolutely setting the highest possible standard across UK manufacturing and distribution and no other manufacturing or distribution facility has higher standards than THG. Our health and safety measures recently also achieved ROSPA gold accreditation, in recognition of our commitment to the wellbeing of our staff.

    Brexit: Everything you need to know

    Following the UK leaving the EU from January 1st 2021, exante diet would like to reassure all our customers that there will be no change to your shopping experience.

    exante diet is committed to making sure you have all the information you need and we have provided the FAQs below to answer any questions you may have.

    As always, if you have any additional questions then please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.

    exante diet can confirm that your shopping experience will not be impacted, and you will be able to continue to place orders and receive orders as usual.  

    For customers located in the EU, we are only dispatching to Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland from our distribution centre within the EU. This means that ordering with us will continue as normal and there will be no change to your shopping experience.

    We have made the necessary changes to ensure your shopping experience is not impacted, meaning delivery timeframes will remain unaffected.

    Once you have selected your products, please refer to the checkout for delivery timescales specific to your shipping address.

    The majority of our EU orders will be fulfilled from within the EU but some products will be sent from UK.

    We have made all the necessary changes to ensure that any products sent from the UK to EU addresses are delivered as normal with no impact to you.

    Exante is working towards continuing to bring our products to you as we overcome the recent UK and EU trading changes as of January 2021 and new regulations around the world. For this reason, we are no longer able to trade in some countries.We thank you very much for your continual loyalty and support. Please feel free to stay in touch with us on social media. When our products are updated, we will ensure that our customers are informed as soon as possible.

    There are no price changes as a direct impact of Brexit. We regularly review our pricing to ensure we remain competitive.
    No, all returns from European countries will go back to our distribution centre located within the EU.
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