How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch

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How to Draw a Pumpkin Patch

Today we’re going to be showing you five easy steps to follow to draw a pumpkin patch with Arteza’s Acrylic Markers Set of 40. Visiting a pumpkin patch is one of the many joys autumn brings. If you live somewhere where you’re unable to visit one, there’s no need to worry since we’re bringing the pumpkin patch to you! Create your own vibrant pumpkin patch drawing by following the five steps provided, start by gathering the following supplies: 

List of Supplies

Acrylic Markers Set of 40Premium Canvas Panels Pack of 14

5 Steps to Painting a Pumpkin Patch

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Step 1

The key to any great drawing is a dynamic sketch. Start by drawing a line for the horizon at approximately ⅓ of the way down the canvas. Create a preliminary sketch of a barn sitting on the top right of your horizon line. To draw your barn, start by sketching a rectangle, then add lines to form a roof with three bends.

Fun Fact: Pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable (as many believe).
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Step 2

Now time to add pumpkins to this patch! Start by sketching circles to form your pumpkin patch. Draw large circles in the lower-left hand corner that gradually move up and over to the upper right corner. The pumpkins closest to the bottom of the canvas will be the largest and vice versa, this creates depth of field. Create some marks to act as your grass to finish off your pumpkin patch sketch. 

Fun Fact: Pumpkins grow on all continents, except for Antarctica.

After you feel confident in your sketch, develop it into a drawing by adding detail to your pumpkins—start by drawing the stems and adding indentations where it is appropriate. The further away the pumpkins are, the less detail is required. Next, establish your light source, we recommend the top left corner. Lastly, draw the shadow of the pumpkins that sit in the foreground of your drawing.

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Step 3

Time to add colour! Start by creating a gradient in the sky of your drawing, using colours Deep Teal (A404) and Arctic Blue (A403). To create a realistic looking sky, follow this simple rule: the closer to the horizon, the lighter you colour the sky. Next, using Titanium White (A101) add clouds to your sky—use Arctic Blue (A403) to blend the edges of your clouds to make for a smoother colour transition. 

Once you feel your sky is looking nice and blended, start colouring your field using Yellow Ochre (A302) and Lettuce Green (A313). Use these two colours to create jagged strokes that resemble the appearance of dried grass. Then use Yellow Ochre (A302) to paint the shadows in the foreground of your drawing.

Fun Fact: Pumpkins are one of the most popular crops in the US.
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Step 4

Let’s bring that barn to life! Using True Red (A202) colour the walls of the barn. Afterwards, use Vandyke Brown (A106) to colour the shadows from the roof and gate door on your barn. Using that same colour, draw vertical lines over the red barn walls to create realistic details. Then colour the grass in your landscape with Lettuce Green (A313).

Using Lemon Yellow (A300) paint over all of the pumpkins that fill your pumpkin patch, be sure to leave their stems white. Then, use the same marker to colour the grass that surrounds the pumpkins in the foreground of your drawing. Add more dimension to the grass in your drawing with Lettuce Green (A313) and Bright Green (A315).

Fun Fact: Pumpkins were once considered a valid remedy for snakebites and freckles.
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Step 5

Use Bumblebee Yellow (A303) to add shadows to the right side of each pumpkin; mix this shade with Lemon Yellow (A300) to create even smoother gradients. Next, use Bright Orange (A301) to add more depth to your pumpkin’s shadows and shape, blend this out with Lemon Yellow (A300) and Bumblebee Yellow (A303). Afterwards, use Vandyke Brown (A106) to accentuate the darkest part of the shadows on your pumpkins, this will assist you in separating the foreground from the background. For an even smoother colour transition, blend this out with Bright Orange (A301).

Colour the shadow on the ground of your pumpkins using Vandyke Brown (A106) and Yellow Ochre (A302). Sparingly, add some of the same shadowing to the pumpkins in the distance. Then, colour the stems of your pumpkins with colours  Lettuce Green (A313) and Lime Green (A314). Additionally, add marks of Lime Green (A314) to the field and grass. Next use Forest Green (A311) to add shadows to the grass in the distance—blend this out with Lime Green (A314). Use Titanium White (A101) to add highlights to the barn, the grass, and the pumpkins. Finish off your drawing by going over your highlighted areas with the proper colours: use Ballerina Pink (A201) for the barn, Yellow Ochre (A302) for the pumpkins in the foreground, Forest Green (A311), Lettuce Green (A313), and Yellow Ochre (A302) for the grass and ground in the background.

We hope you’ve enjoyed creating this beautiful pumpkin patch drawing using Arteza’s Premium Acrylic Markers Set of 40. Let us know in the comments section of this article how your drawing came out!

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