How To Paint a Happy Witch

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How To Paint a Happy Witch

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6 Steps to Painting a Happy Witch

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Step 1

Start your sketch by drawing a circle on the right portion of your paper. Then, draw a smaller oval at the top of the sheet, this will be your witch’s head. Sketch out two lines that meet on top of the circle, forming an A shape—this will be the witch’s hat. Next create lines to symbolize your witch’s arms and legs. Once you feel everything is in the right place, refine the shapes further; create lines that cut off the extra curve of the oval. Add small triangles as placeholders for the witch’s hands and feet. Also add the two triangles to finish off the bottom of the witch’s hat.

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Step 2

Add rounded hair under the hat, then add more detail to the witch’s nose, hands, coat, boots, mouth, and eyes. Draw a collar and three buttons on the dress. Draw a cauldron to the left of your witch, directly under her hand. The bottom of your cauldron should be on the same level as the witch’s left leg.

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Step 3

Draw a roaring fire in the center of the cauldron. Add a whimsical smoke cloud coming from the cauldron. Draw a laden in the witch’s right hand. After outlining your drawing, erase any unneeded lines with a kneaded eraser.

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Step 4

Time to add color to this very happy witch! Add the squeeze of the following colors to your painting palette: Pearl Apricot (A701), Pearl White Rose (A700), Pearl Emerald Green (A708), Pearl Lavender (A706), and Pearl Gray (A711). Mix Pearl White Rose (A700) with Pearl Apricot (A701) then use this color to paint the witch’s dress. Using the mixture of Pearl Lavender (A706) and Pearl White Rose (A700), color the witch’s coat. Then, mix Pearl Coral (A705) with Pearl White Rose (A700); use this color to paint the witch’s stockings.

Mix Pearl White Rose (A700) with Pearl Gray (A711) together, then use that color to paint the hat and boot of your witch. Add a touch more of the Pearl White Rose (A700) to this color before painting the witch’s hair. Mix Pearl Emerald Green (A708), Pearl Apricot (A701), and Pearl White Rose (A700) to use to color the witch's face and hands. Color the ladle with Bronze (A703). Use Pearl Coral (A705) and Pearl White Rose (A700) to paint the witch’s mouth. Mix Pearl Apricot (A701) with Pearl Lavender (A706) to shadow the right portion of the witch’s dress. Then, use Pearl Lavender (A706) to cast a shadow on the coat.

Using the color made from mixing Pearl Coral (A705) and Pearl Lavender (A706) create a shadow on the legs of the witch. Use Gold (A702) to paint the buckle on your witch’s boots and the ribbon on her hat. Color the collar and buttons on the dress with Pearl Gray (A711). Mix Pearl Cerulean Blue (A707) with Pearl Lavender (A706), then use this color to paint stripes on the witch’s coat. Paint polka dots on the dress with the color made from mixing Pearl Cerulean Blue (A707) with Pearl White Rose (A700).

Paint stripes on the witch’s stockings with Pearl White Rose (A700). Mix Pearl Bubblegum Pink (A704), Pearl Cerulean Blue (A707), and Pearl Lavender (A706); then use this color to paint additional stripes on the witch’s coat. Outline the witch’s hair, mouth, nose, and eyes with Pearl Gray (A711). Mix Pearl Coral (A705) and Pearl Lavender (A706); use this color to paint the shadow inside the witch’s mouth. Then paint two white teeth inside the mouth. Finish the witch off by painting cuffs and trimmings to the coat with Gold (A702).

Now onto painting the cauldron! Mix Bronze (A703) with Pearl White Rose (A700); then use this color to paint the entire cauldron, with the exception of the fire in the middle and where the potion will come from, which you will paint Pearl Emerald Green (A708). Use Pearl Emerald Green (A708) mixed with Pearl White Rose (A700) to paint the cloud of smoke—remember to leave a few areas white for contrast. Then paint the fire using Pearl Apricot (A701).

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Step 5

Mix Bronze (A703) with Pearl Gray (A711) to add shadows to the top edge of the cauldron. Paint the inside of your fire Pearl Coral (A705), then add Gold (A702) over the direct middle portion of the fire’s flame. Mix Pearl Emerald Green (A708) and Pearl White Rose (A700) with Pearl Cerulean Blue (A707); use this color to paint the shadows in the cloud of smoke. Then, using a thin brush, use this color to add rhythmic lines that dance around the witch and her cauldron. Paint stones to symbolize a ground beneath the witch and her cauldron using Pearl Gray (A711) mixed with Pearl White Rose (A700).

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Step 6

To finish off your magical painting, add stars of varying sizes with the color Gold (A702). Then use Pearl Gray (A711) to add some crumbs coming from the witch’s hand into her cauldron. Use Gold (A702) to paint the soles of the witch’s boots.

Voila! Great work!

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