Iridescent Acrylic Paint, 60ml Bottles - Set of 10

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  • 10 Lustrous Colours - Give your paintings & crafts a luminescent look, our paints produce a shimmery effect & reflects mesmerising light
  • High Viscosity Acrylics - Thick, full-bodied paint that’s perfect for creating textures with a brush or palette knife, can be easily blended to make custom hues
  • For a Variety of Surfaces - This multi-purpose paint is suitable for arts & crafts projects on canvas, paper, wood, rocks, terra cotta & fabrics
  • Certified Non-toxic - This iridescent acrylic paint is AP-certified non-toxic & safe for artists of all levels

These vibrant and iridescent acrylic paints will add an extra layer of shimmer and magic to your next art project. Each unique colour features bold pigment and colour-shifting properties that are activated by the light. All 10 of the shades transform right before your eyes as they dry and the shimmering pigments become luminous. Their thick and smooth consistency allows you to build layers of the paint for added textures in your artwork, such as scales or fur. They are also highly blendable, so you can create your own custom shades.


Pair them with your favorite white canvases or acrylic paper, or for an even more exciting effect, paint on a black canvas and watch the colours shine! Add a pop of shine to your abstract piece or create highlights that will stand out in your portrait painting. Clean up is easy with just soap and water. This iridescent acrylic paint set is nontoxic and perfect for both beginners and professionals.


Our Iridescent Acrylic Paints are versatile and will certainly come in handy to elevate your next painting or craft project. You can pair these paints with pouring paints to enable your artwork to capture everyone’s attention. Or perhaps you’re looking to add a shimmery detail to your next painting or mixed media piece, regardless of your preferred medium, you are sure to make great use of this brilliant acrylics paint set. Invest in your craft this year by upgrading to our must-have, budget-friendly, shimmery set of Iridescent Acrylic Paints.

Dimensions:17.9 * 11.9 * 7.8 cm

Weight:31.52 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-9713