Marker Nib Tweezers

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  • Swap Marker Nibs with Ease - Eliminate the mess on your hands or surface as you change your marker nibs
  • Durable Steel Construction - These tweezers are crafted from quality stainless steel for a stable and long-lasting design
  • For Use on Any Markers -  Can be used on Everblend Art markers, chalk markers, acrylic markers and more 
  • Keeps Your Nibs in Shape - Protect the integrity and shape of your nib as you swap it for a different type of nib or refill your marker


Make swapping the nibs of your markers a breeze. Simply grip the nib of your marker with the tweezers to remove it gently from the marker. These stainless steel tweezers were specially designed to protect the shape of your nib as you remove it. Even if you have a soft brush tip, these tweezers will be able to remove the tip without changing the shape of the nib. This is a great way to extend the life of your marker so you can use every last drop of ink. 


As you use this tweezer, you’ll notice how easy it is to swap nibs without causing a mess on either yourself or your surface. You won’t need to worry about transferring ink from your hands onto your artwork after changing marker nibs. Keep these handy tweezers in your marker bag, in your art studio or in your pen cup. You can use them for a variety of markers like chalk markers, acrylic markers and alcohol markers. You’ll feel like you’re working with a fresh new marker with a brand new nib and these tweezers can help with that.