Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint, 22ml Tubes - Set of 36


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  • 36 Metallic Colours - Accent your paintings or give your entire piece a metallic look with a wide selection of shades to choose from
  • Rich & Buildable Paints - High viscosity formula that’s suitable for applying a variety of techniques and building textures with palette knives and brushes
  • Squeezable Tubes - Get just the right amount of paint on your palette; each tube is labelled with the pigment information, colour name/number, lightfastness rating, and transparency level
  • For Canvas & More - Can be used on a variety of smooth surfaces, including stones, canvas, wood, glass, and ceramic
  • Certified Non-Toxic - This metallic acrylic paint set is AP Certified non-toxic and safe for painters of all levels

Next time you’re searching for the perfect way to add a bright pop of colour to your masterpiece, try this set of 36 Metallic Acrylic Artist Paints to add that extra magic to your art. Each set contains highly pigmented metallic shades like Pearl Copper Gold, Silver, and Pearl Rose Quartz. Grab a black canvas and watch your pieces pop or add that extra glimmer to your wooden signs. These AP Certified non-toxic paints are perfect for any artist, whether they’re professionals in the field or students still learning about the medium.


Paint on almost anything with these metallic colours–the possibilities are endless! You don’t have to limit this medium to only creating paintings. Feel free to develop unique crafts and work on DIY projects with these colours too. From traditional surfaces such as canvas and paper to those more unconventional, like rocks, wood, ceramic, seashells, and so many more, you can add some pearlised beauty to almost anything. This quick-dry metallic acrylic paint set makes layering, mixing and blending colours a breeze.


Create countless paintings that truly shimmer under any lighting with this set of 36 Metallic Acrylic Artist Paints. Since each 22ml metallic acrylic paint tube is filled with pigment-packed paint, we can ensure this set will last you several paintings. Invite your paintings to sparkle like never before by upgrading to this set of 36 Metallic Acrylic Artist Paint Tubes! 

Dimensions:29.5 * 16.8 * 7.9 cm

Weight:45.6 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-8558