Metallic Mixed Media Art Set

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  • Create Dazzling Artwork with This Complete Set: Let your artwork shine with this ultimate set of shimmering art supplies in a sturdy wooden painting box with 4 compartments
  • 4 Types of Paint for Your Creations - Experiment with 24 acrylic paints, 24 gouache, 12 watercolour paints and 12 metallic watercolour half-pans to try a variety of ways to create
  • Get All the Tools You Need & Then Some - Each set comes with a palette knife, 5 acrylic brushes, 5 acrylic markers, 10 super glitter gel pens, a refillable water brush pen and more to help you with your creations
  • Wide Variety of Surfaces - Choose from a black DIY sketch pad, a watercolour paper pad, a mixed media paper pad, 4 wood slices, a canvas pad, 4 canvas panels and 2 stretched canvases
  • A Spectacular Set for Any Artist - Give the gift of art with this set or get yourself this comprehensive set filled with all the supplies you need for a range of intriguing projects

Make your own eye-catching masterpieces with a Metallic Mixed Media Art Set. You’ll have a whole studio in one compact wooden painting box. Each set comes with 4 types of paint to choose from, acrylics, gouache, watercolour and metallic watercolour half-pans. Apply your paints using the 5 acrylic brushes, the refillable water brush or palette knife. If you like to mix custom shades, you can set up your paints in the 6-well plastic palette.


When you’re ready to start adding details, you can reach for the super glitter gel pens or the 5 acrylic markers. One of the most important parts of your creations will be the base of your masterpiece. You’ll have plenty to choose from with 4 small wood slices, a 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm canvas pad, a 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm black DIY sketch pad, 4 canvas panels and 2 stretched canvases. The canvas panels come in 22.9 cm x 30.5 cm and 20.3 cm x 20.3 cm and you can choose to work on a black primed surface or a white primed surface. Experience this shimmering set today and get creative! 


If you’re looking to take your artwork to the next level, invest in this affordable Metallic Mixed Media Art Set! Bring the art studio to your home with this portable and practical mixed media art set. Explore new media as you make your way through this professional-grade art set. Make the most of your extra time at home by spending your days creating countless paintings with Arteza’s Metallic Mixed Media Art Set!