Round Watercolour Paper Pad, 17.8cm


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  • Circular Shape - Unique round shape enables your artwork to truly stand-out 
  • Expert Quality - Premium paper quality made of 100% cotton, cold-pressed & textured
  • Mixed Media Welcome - Not limited to just watercolors; use gouache paints, Real Brush Pens, watercolor pencils, Inkonic Fineliner Pens, colored pencils, graphites, and more 
  • Acid-Free Paper - Prevents hue deterioration, fading, yellowing, warping, buckling, and puckering 


Our expert, Round Watercolour Paper Pads encourage the best work from painters of all skill levels and ages. This universal Watercolour Pad is AP-certified 100% non-toxic making this pad a great option for dynamic creators. Whether you are just learning how to paint with watercolours or consider yourself well-versed in this medium, you are sure to find yourself in awe of the unique circular shaped paintings you create. Our Round Watercolour Pad features 20 sheets of expert-grade watercolour paper in a round shape, measuring 17.8 cm. The circular shaped paper enables: portraits, floral designs, still life observational pieces, and animal portraits to truly shine. 


This Round Watercolour Pad features a glue binding that holds your papers securely in place wherever you go. When you’re ready to remove a painting from your pad, the glue binding enables easy removal of your 17.8 cm round sheets. This Watercolour Pad is lightweight and compact, making this your new go-to portable paper pad. While this Round Paper Pad was designed with watercolour use in mind, the paper also works beautifully with: markers, gouache paints, some inks, pens and pencils. Create immersive watercolour paintings or mesmerising mixed media masterpieces on the 20 sheets that fill our Expert Round Watercolour Pad. 


Whether you consider yourself a professional painter or a beginner you will find our Watercolour Paper Pad fulfilling all of your artistic needs. Create stunning watercolour paintings or mixed media pieces with the 20 sheets of textured watercolour paper that fill this unique paper pad. Spend your extra time indoors this year falling back in love with watercolours using this Round Watercolour Pad. If you’re new to working with watercolours, there’s no need to worry, we’ve included a scannable barcode with tips and tricks for working with this paper pad. Additionally, we have countless blog posts and YouTube videos exploring watercolour painting. Invest in your craft by upgrading to our Round Watercolour Pads today.