Kids Tempera Paint, 60ml Bottles - Set of 32 


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  • Tempera Paint Set - Enjoy 32 colours of washable, easy-to-use paint that includes metallic, neon, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark shades
  • For a Variety of Techniques - Ideal for sponge painting, finger painting, blow painting, canvas arts, and crafts
  • Washable on Multiple Surfaces - Easy to wash and works on glass, wood, shells, rocks and even on cars
  • Certified Safe - Great for crafting projects with the whole family, as the paint is safe for skin, ASTM D-4236 and EN71 regulated, and AP Certified 100% non-toxic for kids and adults

Enjoy a set of 32 vibrant and unique Tempera Paint colours specially designed for a wide variety of surfaces. Tempera is a non-permanent, fast-drying paint that is water-soluble. This versatile and washable paint is ideal for projects for young artists. Make fun and original artwork with household items such as sponges and straws (for blowing art). Use with brushes to create art on glass, stone, rocks, glass, wood, or canvases. It’s nontoxic and great for painting sticks and other items used in children’s craft projects. It is also not harmful to the skin. 


This versatile medium washes off easily and can be used on everything from vases to cars. Make colourful crafts using plastic cups, cotton, paper, cardboard, and more. Prepare signs for sporting events, school pep rallies, and theater props. Add to card stock, wrapping paper, or gift bags for a festive and customized look. The easy-squeeze bottles mean you can use just the amount you need without waste and they seal tightly so that your extra paint is properly preserved until you’re ready to use it again. 


Inspire a child in your life to paint limitlessly with this set of washable, kids, Tempera Paint. Our Set of 32 Tempera Paints is perfect for a wide range of arts and craft projects. The wide selection of colours, paired with our unbeatable, non-toxic paint formula makes this a must-have set of tempera paints. Order this set of 32 Tempera Paint Bottles (60ml), while supplies last.

Dimensions:28.4 * 15.4 * 13.2 cm

Weight:96.8 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-9229