Wood Slices - Set of 45

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  • Convenient Set of 45 - Includes 45 natural, pine wood slices, measuring 6.1-7.1cm in diameter
  • Twine Included - On each wood slice, you'll find a small hole, use the included Natural Jute Twine (15.2 meters) to create hangable crafts
  • Perfect for a Variety of Crafts - Get creative and use these versatile wood slices for art projects, holiday decorations, special occasions, photo props, ornaments, and more
  • Sanded & Safe to Use - Each slice has a smooth, sanded surface that you can easily write or paint on, allowing you to craft hassle-free

Wood slices offer artists a natural surface to create stunning works of art on. Our premium set of 45 wood slices comes complete with 45 natural pine wood slices that are each 5.1-7.1cm (in diameter), as well as 15.2m of natural jute twine to create crafts that can easily be hanged and showcased around your home, both indoors or outdoors. Each wood slice has a small hole to make showcasing your artwork easy. Each of our premium wood slices comes pre-sanded and polished, with a smooth and ready-to-use surface. Whether you are looking to paint or wood burn, our premium wood slices have got your back.  


Create truly one of a kind christmas ornaments, small paintings or handmade personalised wood burnings with the 45 premium wood slices included in this set. Get creative and use these versatile wood slices for art projects, DIY projects, decorations for the holidays and other special occasions, photo props and more. Secure your carefully crafted set of wood slices today!


Whether you’re looking to paint, burn or collage our Wood Slices Set of 45 is just what you need. Use this set to create miniature paintings you can hang around your yard or home as one of a kind decorations. Sometimes a large canvas can be intimidating, which prevents some artists from starting new paintings. Our small scale Wood Slices are approachable so you can create several paintings or burnings without feeling overwhelmed. This set of 45 Wood Slices will encourage you to create more frequently during your extra free time indoors this year. Add this set of Wood Slices to your cart today to get one step closer to creating on natural surfaces that are made to last.

Dimensions:25.4 * 17 * 8.9 cm

Weight:36.8 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-8756