Woodless Watercolour Pencils - Set of 24

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  • Get More Colour Coverage - These woodless pencils offer 5x the coverage you'd get from traditional watercolour pencils.
  • Bold & Rich Colours - Large selection of 24 unique shades that allow you to create a variety of colour combinations and gradients
  • Break-Resistant - These woodless pencils are dense, durable, and meant to last as you work on all of your projects 
  • Create Watercolour Effects - Add a little water to your coloured pencil sketch and watch as the water-soluble pigments spread and layer just like paint

Painting with watercolours can be daunting to a beginner or artist who has never used this medium, but these pencils are the perfect way to transition from sketching to learning to use watercolours. You can dab the tip of the pencil directly into water or use a water brush pen to blend your finished drawing. Try all kinds of techniques like glazing or layering to achieve unique textures and gradients throughout your pieces.

These woodless pencils are made entirely of what normally would be inside a traditional wooden coloured pencil. Each pencil is pigmented and durable with a break-resistant core, so you don’t need to worry about constantly buying new pencils due to breakage - you can use each pencil until it’s completely finished. Each one is covered in a light lacquer that allows you to grip the pencil as you work without colour transfer to yourself or your work. Both professional artists and hobby painters will love using these premium pencils in all their projects.

Dimensions:24.4 * 19.3 * 3.6 cm

Weight:12.8 grams

Item Number:ARTZ-8061